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Hiking in Britain

I would like thanks to be given to the following people / organisations:

  • Sam Green, for all her support and help during the planning and the walk itself.
  • Neil Spellings at www.spellings.net, for sorting out much of the computer-side of things, including the domain name registration.
  • Neil Bingham, for helping raise some money from the company that I used to work for.
  • Edinburgh Castle, for letting us start and end the walk from their property.
  • BBC Radio Cambridge, for allowing me to blabber on air.
  • Richard Neil for general support.
  • Mike Utton for driving the van for a few days whilst Sam was away.
  • Terry Adams for help with the website and for driving rthe van for a few days whilst Sam was away.
  • My mum and dad for general support and helping with the post.
  • My brother, Oliver, for buying me two pairs of boots.
  • Many thanks to Keith and Margaret of the Ty Llwyd caravan park at Halkyn in Holywell, who were very helpful when we had a problem, and to John Price, their neighbour, who fixed the CD-ROM drive in our computer.
  • Roy and Margaret Surplice, who let us stay in one of their excellent holiday cottages at Borrowmoss, near Wigtown.
  • McConechy's Tyre Service Ltd of Stranraer, who fixed out flat tyre for free.
  • Peter Caldwell, commercial printers and Manufacturing Stationers of Stranraer, who printed and laminted two panels describing the walk for free.
  • The Applecross Inn in Applecross, who gave us a very enjoyable evening out and helped us raise some money for the charity.
  • The many various caravan parks along the route who have generously given us cheap or free accommodation.
  • Rob Keeble and Val Porter of the Rattray Head B&B, who entertained us wonderfully during our two-night stay there.

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