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Hiking in Britain

British walks search page


This website has a comprehensive search engine. This is present on the top banner of each page, but is also reproduced below:


Search within km of

It allows you to search for a walk by the following attributes:

  • Location. The website has an extensive library of thousands of place names, and if you enter a place it will bring up the nearest matches, and then you can search for all the walks within a certain distance of that location. If a location has more than one possible match, a list of the possible matches will be produced, from which you can select the required one.
  • County. This allows you to list all the walks that go within a county. For example, 'Derbyshire' will return all walks within Derbyshire
  • Grid reference. This allows you to search for walks within a certain distance of a grid reference. For example, SE2045, SE 2012 4512 and SE24 are all valid grid references.

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