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Hiking in Britain

In order to give me a reason to walk in more areas of the country, I have decided to complete walks in every county in Scotland. This file outlines the current status of this objective.

A county is said to have been walked in if a walk that I completed has passed through that county, for however short a period. Initially I thought that this was going to be a long-term objective; however I have progressed faster than I expected and I have now nearly completed the task, with only a few counties remaining to be walked in, and indeed most counties have had many walks completed in them.

Below is a map of all the counties that have been walked in. Click on a county to go to a list of all the walks in that county.

Number of walks
Total mileage
Top visited
County top

Table of counties

County Number of walks Mileage
Borders 9 127.1
Central Scotland 10 163.5
Dumfries and Galloway 14 291.2
Grampian 16 325.3
Highlands 97 1720.5
Lothian 9 147.9
Strathclyde 40 775.6
Tayside 13 224.2
Borders Lothian DumfriesandGalloway Strathclyde Highlands Grampian Tayside Fife CentralScotland

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